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adv.1.On this day; on the present day.
Worcester's horse came but to-day.
- Shak.
n.1.The present day.
On to-day
Is worth for me a thousand yesterdays.
- Longfellow.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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"In fact, both are very busy to-day in pre-wedding shoot", he added.
To-day, we must participate actively in the task of national reconstruction so that we are able to bring about a self-reliant economy and an effective and developed banking system.'
To-day the team may have changed, and volunteers have come and gone, but DAWGS remains true to its founding principles - the value of each and every dog regardless of breed or age or difficulties and their right to a safe and loving home.
The problem to-day is, not only individuals but large and small businesses, national and multinational companies and organisations all spending money (at an alarming rate) which they don't have nor ever will and, I hasten to add, encouraged to do so.
"I'm particularly delighted to see a number of grants going to fishermen to help make their day- to-day routines easier and safer and to improve the quality of their produce.
Heitman, which was previously 50 percent owned and controlled by senior professionals of the firm and 50 percent by an entity controlled by OMAM, is now 100 percent owned and controlled by its senior officers, who will continue in their roles and responsibilities for creating and executing annual business plans, day to-day operations, the investment and client management process, and setting firm-wide strategy.
This will further make the exporters comfortable in their day- to-day cash flow needs and more confidence in the performance of DS-Concept.For this milestone success, DS-Concept Pakistan has signed a memorandum of understanding with Sialkot Dry Port Trust (SDPT).
The ED will report directly to the TNA/TNF Board of Directors and will manage the day- to-day operations of TNA office/ staff.
This isn't about putting the economy right for the next generation this is about subsidising the rich to-day, so their tomorrow is already paid for.
THERE will be a number of overnight closures on the A1 in Gateshead from to-day to allow drainage and traffic management work to be carried out.
To-day, I took my mom to LRH (Lady Reading Hospital) as she was suffering from heart pain.