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Noun1.Phyllocladus - celery pine
gymnosperm genus - a genus of gymnosperms
family Phyllocladaceae, Phyllocladaceae - a family of Phyllocladaceae
celery pine - Australasian evergreen conifer having a graceful head of foliage resembling celery that is composed of phyllodes borne in the axils of scalelike leaves
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** BERANALIVA, Simione (illus.) Dianne Beranaliva (text) The Mean and Nasty Toatoa Clicks Xpress Promo, 2013 unpaged $25.00 ISBN 9780987427502 SCIS 1619892
AB auras / burbs AD Aira / dird AF Aiae (HI) / fife AH taiga / thigh AK sauna / skunk AN aevis / Nevin (CA, KY) AP area / prep AU zamboorak / zumbooruk AY coala / coyly AC aleak / cleck AE anticar / enticer AG aurae/gurge AI quacksalver / quicksilver AM toatoa / tom-tom AO abelian / obelion AR Aotea / roter AW Aoa (AS) / wow
These nine frogs were: a male and two females from Great Barrier Island, two females from Toatoa, two females from Waitakere, a male from Tokatea and a female from Whanarua.