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v. trans·plant·ed, trans·plant·ing, trans·plants
1. To uproot and replant (a growing plant).
2. To transfer from one place or residence to another; resettle or relocate: residents were transplanted to the suburbs during the massive reconstruction project.
3. Medicine To transfer (tissue, a body structure, or an organ) from one body to another body or from one part of a body to another part.
To be capable of being transplanted: plants that transplant well.
n. (trăns′plănt′)
a. The act or process of transplanting something.
b. Medicine An operation in which an organ, body part, or other tissue is transplanted: a corneal transplant.
2. Something that is transplanted, especially:
a. A plant that has been uprooted and replanted in another place.
b. Medicine An organ, body part, or other tissue that has been transplanted, as from one person to another.
3. A person who has resettled in a different place.

[Middle English transplaunten, from Old French transplanter, from Late Latin trānsplantāre : Latin trāns, trans- + Latin plantāre, to plant; see plat- in Indo-European roots.]

trans·plant′a·ble adj.
trans′plan·ta′tion n.
trans·plant′er n.


An implement that made a furrow, gave a periodic squirt of water into the furrow, and had seats for two people whose task was to put a plant in each wet spot. Transplanters were commonly used for tobacco and for sweet potatoes.
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Noun1.Transplanter - a gardener who moves plants to new locationstransplanter - a gardener who moves plants to new locations
gardener, nurseryman - someone who takes care of a garden
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S two-row tobacco transplanter. "You don't need a good set of legs to work one of these," Herb says.
"We didn't know what it was, but we knew we had to have it," Bob McCausey explains while rolling an ancient, horse-drawn tobacco transplanter out of the shed.
and Fuller & Johnson, a Madison, Wis., builder of engines, tobacco transplanters, cultivators, plows and more.

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