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(təˈbaɪ əs)

the son of Tobit.
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His latest exhibition includes a large painting based on the biblical story of Tobias and the Angel and a selection of paintings and drawings depicting animals from stories of the 'miraculous'.
This year Italian Renaissance painter Andrea del Verrocchio's Tobias and the Angel has been the focus for work.
TOBIAS and the Angel is an altar painting, finished around 1470 to 1480, attributed to the workshop of the Italian Renaissance painter Andrea del Verrocchio.
The primary school pupils made a bigger version of the famous 'Tobias and the Angel' piece and it now sits proudly in the school hall.
Regrettably Claude's Tobias and the Angel in a sunset-suffused landscape cannot compete in its present ill-conserved, deeply embrowned state.
The resulting painting was called Tobias And The Angel.
The Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego reported a total of 76 gifts and purchases during 2003, while three unpublished paintings by Goya--"The Holy Family," "Tobias and the Angel" and "The Young Saint John the Baptist in the Desert"--were obtained by the Spanish government for the Museo Nacional del Prado.
3 Armchair, from pounds 359, Shaker; vintage plaid blanket, from pounds 85, heart blanket, pounds 45, and cushion, pounds 95, all Tobias and The Angel. 4 Molnig ceiling light, pounds 35, Ikea.
After considering Leonardo's participation in the London Tobias and the Angel and the Uffizi Baptism of Christ, Brown focuses on three paintings -- the Uffizi Annunciation, the Washington Portrait of Ginevra de' Benci, and the Munich Madonna and Child with Carnation -- hypothesizing that Leonardo completed them in this sequence between 1472 (the date he enrolled in the Confraternity of Sr.
This time, schools were given the 15th Century painting Tobias and the Angel to work from.