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 (tō′kō-trī′ə-nōl′, -nôl′)
Any of a group of closely related fat-soluble alcohols that are forms of vitamin E and that differ from the tocopherols in having unsaturated side chains.

[toco(pherol) + tri- + -en(e) (in reference to the three double bonds in the side chain of tocotrienols) + -ol.]
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The deal was signed on Nov 13, 2013 between the two sides to undertake the development, construction, fabrication and operation of a plant to be sited in Kuantan, Pahang for the production of tocotrienol (vitamin E) from refined bleached palm oil.
To capitalize on tocotrienol benefits in human health, check in on alpha-tocopherol: less than 10% is recommended.
Gamma tocotrienol is now showing a wide range of signaling pathway modulation that produces health benefits that far exceed those of simple oxidant-reducing nutrients.
The project is being headed up by Dr Chris Porter and his team at Monash and will include synthesis of tocotrienol derivatives based on the new delivery technology.
While further clinical studies are still required to investigate the effects of tocotrienols in lung cancer, Smiti said the current findings provide experimental evidence that delta-tocotrienol has the ability to inhibit Notch-1 signaling, cell proliferation and invasion, and induce cell death in non-small cell lung cancer cells.
The tocotrienol content was higher than tocopherol in grains of selected pigmented rice genotypes.
Objective: To study the histomorphological effect of tocotrienol on aortic atherosclerosis in diabetic mice having high fat diet.
Despite its low concentration, tocotrienol is more effective than tocopherol in protecting cells from oxidative stress [11].
Tocotrienol isomers ([alpha]T3, [gamma]T3, and [delta]T3) with a purity of at least 95% were kindly provided by Carotech Ltd.
Anti-tumor activity has been demonstrated in tocotrienol which, in some studies, is shown to be the more potent form of vitamin E [11].
This article explores the impact of vitamin E tocotrienol on inflammation manifested in cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome and diabetes, cancer, and osteoporosis, as well as chronic inflammatory and drug-induced gastric injury.
Alpha-tocotrienol is the most abundant tocotrienol isomer circulated in plasma and lipoproteins after postprandial tocotrienol-rich vitamin E supplementation.