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Noun1.Todidae - a family of birds of the order Coraciiformes
bird family - a family of warm-blooded egg-laying vertebrates characterized by feathers and forelimbs modified as wings
Coraciiformes, order Coraciiformes - rollers; kingfishers; hornbills; hoopoes; motmots; bee eaters; todies
genus Todus, Todus - type genus of the Todidae
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Cathartidae 3% Columbidae 5% Trochilidae 3% Picidae 8% Turdidae 3% Thraupidae 3% Accipitridae 3% Cuculidae 3% Trogonidae 3% Ty ranidae 8% Mimidae 11% Emberizidae 5% Falconidae 5% Caprimulgidae 3% Todidae 14% Vireonidae 5% Parulidae 8% Icteridae 8% Nota: Tabla derivada de grafico segmentado.
En el caso de las Antillas, Croizat (1958) utilizo dos familias de aves, Todidae y Momotidae, estrechamente emparentadas, para ejemplificar su critica a la biogeografia de Mayr.
Four of these families are to be found in Mediterranean climates: two, the Alcedinidae, or kingfishers, and the Meropidae, or bee-eaters, are closely allied to the Todidae and the Momotidae of the West Indies and tropical America.