Toe hold

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1.(Wrestling) A hold in which the agressor bends back his opponent's foot.
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Even though telematics established a toe hold in the Indian commercial vehicle (CV) market nearly 12 years ago, it is yet to find significant uptake outside of the large fleet segment.
Today marks the beginning of a drive to knock these machines out of the state of Illinois before they are able to establish a toe hold.
html) Yahoo , the UFC bantamweight champion revealed during an interview in the "Tommy Toe Hold Show" that the "Man of Steel" sequel would have been better if they've chosen her as Wonderwoman.
If we do that then we get a toe hold back in the game again.
Ranging from 50MW to 300MW, these projects have brought forth several enquiries from multi-national companies, with the intent of getting a toe hold into the African market, Bagatsing added.
According to observers the disappointing Ecuadorian experience with the Dhruv Helicopters doesnt augur well for the Indian efforts to find a toe hold in South American countries for its aviation products.
Orford added: "The few new and innovative funding platforms that are out there struggle to gain a toe hold.
Venus is getting a toe hold in an area which can see you benefit from someone else's generosity.
Most of the micro breweries have managed to get a toe hold in some pubs and good luck to them all, but they provide only a limited selection of beers in comparison to that which used to be available and insufficient competition to worry the conglomerates.
This equity investment comes as a toe hold in the Indian market, which is indicative of a strong growth in India's financial services, said a statement.
Significant numbers of international companies with a huge variety of products and services have used them to get a toe hold into new markets.
If inflation gets a significant toe hold, interest rates will rise much higher and much longer that most market players currently estimate,'' Gumbinger said.