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An island group of the central Pacific Ocean north of Samoa. The islands were annexed by Great Britain in 1889 following a series of raids by Peruvian slave traders, and came under New Zealand sovereignty in 1948.

To′ke·lau′an adj. & n.


(ˈtəʊkəˌlaʊ) or

Tokelau Islands

pl n
(Placename) an island group in the South Pacific composed of three atolls, Nukunono, Atafu, and Fakaofo; dependent territory of New Zealand. Pop: 1368 (2012 est). Area: about 11 sq km (4 sq miles)
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Tokelau nurses acknowledged the late Kula Faiola (1924-2003) for her contribution to nursing in the Tokelau Islands under challenging circumstances and often with limited resources.
On 1 June the branch presented a film on the strategy of the Tokelau Islands for future energy needs, which was followed by a discussion with the film's director, Ulli Weissbach.
Te Tai Tokerau is actually the tidal drift from the Tokelau islands. When my ancestors arrived at the shores of Aotearoa, there were people here to greet them.
Re-interpreting old dates: Radiocarbon determinations from the Tokelau Islands (South Pacific).
The Tokelau Islands consist of three small atolls in the Pacific Ocean, about midway between New Zealand and Hawaii.
After this he decisively branched out and converted this early field work into a full-fledged epidemiological survey throughout Oceania, notably in the Tokelau Islands. This work was more widely recognized at first in the Northern Hemisphere than in New Zealand, a not uncommon occurrence in scientific matters.
TOKELAU ISLANDS: Nokunano [9[degrees]08'S, 171[degrees]47'W]: 1 [female], 5 September 1998, M.
The registry for paid domains has been stopped temporarily by Dot TK, a domain registry with 1.7m active domain names, and the government of Tokelau, due to the significant growth in the Internet domain of the Tokelau Islands in the South Pacific.
(61) New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs, "New Zealand and the Tokelau Islands," [].
This, in intersection with the commodification of the economy, makes 'national cooperation' across the three Tokelau Islands more thinkable, even desired.