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v. t.1.(Law) To take away. See Toll.
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Many deh hour I've spent in talk wid dat girl an' tol' her if she ever went on deh streets I'd see her damned.
"I could a' tol' yehs dis two years ago," said a woman, in a key of triumph.
hath he committed a murder, and is there any hopes of seeing him hanged?--Tol de rol, tol lol de rol." Here he fell a singing and capering about the room.
'Tol de rol lol lol, right fol lairy, Work'us,' said Noah, as a tear rolled down Oliver's cheek.
In the zenith of the evening, Little Swills says, "Gentlemen, if you'll permit me, I'll attempt a short description of a scene of real life that came off here to-day." Is much applauded and encouraged; goes out of the room as Swills; comes in as the coroner (not the least in the world like him); describes the inquest, with recreative intervals of piano-forte accompaniment, to the refrain: With his (the coroner's) tippy tol li doll, tippy tol lo doll, tippy tol li doll, Dee!
At about 6pm, an argument broke out while Tol was carrying an AK-47.He shot Sokhadom at point blank range in the right side of her chest and again in her chin as she tried to get away.
Atayde, Eusebio and Gamboa showcase their funny side in the upcoming movie 'Tol,' which released its official trailer Thursday.
Genotype NKC-5-S-20 and NKC-5-S-17 showed highest TOL, STI and lowest YTI, Moreover they revealed greater yield under non-stress and stress conditions.
Van Tol spent the past three summers in Eugene, serving as the manager of the Emeralds in 2015 before being the bench coach during the past two seasons.
A speedy car carrying a family tried to overtake a motorcycle on Tuesday near Tol Moor in Sialkot area and it crashed into a tractor trolley, leaving three persons dead, two injured in the tragic incident.