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Noun1.Tolbukhin - a city in northeastern Bulgaria (north of Varna) that is the commercial center of an agricultural region
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El presente articulo trabaja con el atipico filme Aro Tolbukhin. Dins la Ment de l'assassi(2002) de Agusti Villaronga, Lydia Zimmermann e Isaac P.
At the end of March, 1945, two Soviet armies--one headed by Marshal Fedor Tolbukhin and the other by Marshal Rodion Malinowski - were poised at the Austrian-Hungarian border to cross into Austria.
Villaronga once made grim, if admired, films about Nazi child torture ("In a Glass Cage"), tuberculosis ("The Sea") and a serial killer ("Aro Tolbukhin").
In the story the young German, Feldwebel, who seems to be infatuated with the narrator's sister, never manages to reach out to her, nor does she dare to show any recognition of his courting; his affection, unfulfilled, may have ended with his life somewhere near Tolbukhin or Stalingrad, while she, unmarried, has "died of cancer before she turned thirty." The notebook with his love poetry perhaps "sank through snow to the earth, slipped into the river, the river carried it to the sea, it dissolved there, turned into nothing." And the only thing left is a Rilkean line from the notebook that has stuck in the memory of the narrator.
* Catalan companies are forging co-production alliances: Oberon's pact with Mexico's Altavista has yielded "Aro Tolbukhin," "You'll Be Back," "Nicotina" and "Celia's Lives."