Toll bar

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a bar or beam used on a canal for stopping boats at the tollhouse, or on a road for stopping passengers.
- Burrill.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Police were called after a member of the public discovered the body in a wooded area off Toll Bar Road.
Gunman crashes the vehicle two miles away in Possilpark and runs inside the Round Toll Bar, shooting customer William Hughes, who dies two days later.
At the centre of this curve is what looks like a standing stone with a hole in it.The stone is in fact for one end of a toll bar, which blocked the road and was only raised when travellers paid a fee.There will have been another stone directly opposite.
Service 14 and 15 will loop around the Penrhynside area and return to the Toll Bar.
Dean Marley PS1.99 at the Toll Bar in Horwich - that's bitter.
Cash raised from people spending five pence on carrier bags at the Toll Bar shop in Dumfries has generated PS500 for Nith Inshore Rescue Service.
But for many people who lived in the area, the heart was ripped out of the place when its historic toll bar was removed.
The most recent incident happened on Thursday morning when emergency services responded to calls of a bin fire at an address on Toll Bar Road, Warrington.
The 41-year-old was taken to hospital following the accident, which happened on the Toll Bar Road, in Ryhope Sunderland, at around 8.45pm yesterday, close to the B& Q store.
Visiting Toll Bar in Doncaster, one of the worst-hit areas, he said: "I will continue to press the insurance industry to ensure claims are processed and repairs made as quickly as possible."
Doncaster Council said the 50-berth park at Toll Bar was a "radical solution" for residentsl, many of whom may not be able to move back into their sodden homes for more than a year.