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Noun1.Tolmiea - one species: pickaback plantTolmiea - one species: pickaback plant  
rosid dicot genus - a genus of dicotyledonous plants
family Saxifragaceae, Saxifragaceae, saxifrage family - a large and diverse family of evergreen or deciduous herbs; widely distributed in northern temperate and cold regions; sometimes includes genera of the family Hydrangeaceae
pickaback plant, piggyback plant, Tolmiea menziesii, youth-on-age - vigorous perennial herb with flowers in erect racemes and having young plants develop at the junction of a leaf blade and the leafstalk
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Then they added tree ferns (Dicksonia antarctica), spotted may apple (Podophyllum 'Spotty Dotty'), and Tolmiea menziesii.
In Saxifragaceae, the monosymmetric flowers of Tolmiea have a lateral entrance by a onesided floral cup and are pollinated by fungus gnats (Goldblatt et al., 2004).
Tolmiea diplomenziesii: A new species from the Pacific Northwest and the diploid sister taxon of the autotetraploid T.
Autopolyploidy in Tolmiea menziesii (Saxifragaceae): Genetic insights from enzyme electrophoresis.
There are plenty which do well, including Tiarella, Trillium, Tolmiea, Vinca, Viola, cyclamen, foxglove, lily-of-the-valley, anemone, Aquilegia, Bergenia, many hardy ferns, Epimedium, Heuchera, hellebores, hostas, Mahonia, Primula, Pulmonarias, rhododendrons and Symphoricarpus.
Pollination by fungus gnats (Diptera: Mycetophilidae) and self-recognition sites in Tolmiea menziesii (Saxifragaceae).
I suggest you try some of the following: Chamaedora (the parlour palm), ferns, tolmiea (the piggy back plant), Swiss cheese plant (monstera deliciosa), ivies, cyclamen, begonia rex, bird's nest fern (asplenium nidus) and the creeping fig (ficus pumila).
Allozymic differentiation between Tolmiea menziesii and Tellima grandiflora (Saxifragaceae).
Electrophoretic evidence for tetrasomic segregation in Tolmiea menziesii (Saxifragacea).
The basket shown above started with a large mother fern (Asplenium bulbiferum) on top and leatherleaf fern (Rumohra adiantiformis), piggy-back plant (Tolmiea menziesii), and cyclamen on the sides.