n.1.A tollbooth; also, a merchants' meeting place, or exchange.
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The Tolsey, midway along Burford''''s High Street, was once the centre of the local wool trade, and is now a museum.
Hotel, Ludlow's oldest surviving coaching inn; The Tolsey, a
fishmonger opened recently, in the half-timbered Tolsey, providing
Tolsey in Kent Island, who foolishly put him to work in the tobacco shed, a difficult labor that was usually not advised for new slaves.
An account of Roman and Medieval remains found on the site of the Tolsey at Gloucseter.
Smiling Harry nipped into Tolsey stationers - which bears the Royal crest of approval.
The rich wool merchants of the town gathered at the 15th-century two-tabled Tolsey house in Witney Street to conduct their business.