Tom, Dick, and Harry

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Tom, Dick, and Harry

n. Informal
Anybody at all; a member of the public at large: It's not a smart idea to admit every Tom, Dick, and Harry to the party.

Tom, Dick, and Harry


Tom, Dick, or Harry

an ordinary, undistinguished, or common person (esp in the phrases every Tom, Dick, and Harry; any Tom, Dick, or Harry)

Tom′, Dick′, and Har′ry

anyone or everyone indiscriminately: They invited every Tom, Dick, and Harry to the party.
References in classic literature ?
I ain't as rich as old Jim Hornback, and I can't be so blame' gener- ous and good to Tom, Dick, and Harry as what he is, and slam around money the way he does; but I've told him a many a time 't I wouldn't trade places with him; for, says I, a sailor's life's the life for me, and I'm derned if I'D live two mile out o' town, where there ain't nothing ever goin' on, not for all his spon- dulicks and as much more on top of it.
The typical American Protestant approach is to make every Tom, Dick, and Harry Saint Tom, Saint Dick, and Saint Harry through the act of baptism.
As part of their escape plan, over a period of months, prisoners had dug three tunnels, which they code-named Tom, Dick, and Harry.