Tom, Dick, and Harry

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Tom, Dick, and Harry

n. Informal
Anybody at all; a member of the public at large: It's not a smart idea to admit every Tom, Dick, and Harry to the party.

Tom, Dick, and Harry


Tom, Dick, or Harry

an ordinary, undistinguished, or common person (esp in the phrases every Tom, Dick, and Harry; any Tom, Dick, or Harry)

Tom′, Dick′, and Har′ry

anyone or everyone indiscriminately: They invited every Tom, Dick, and Harry to the party.
References in classic literature ?
It was only clear that the question was all about John Barnacle, Augustus Stiltstalking, William Barnacle and Tudor Stiltstalking, Tom, Dick, or Harry Barnacle or Stiltstalking, because there was nobody else but mob.
Nowadays, when the passing of almost any Tom, Dick, or Harry is sonorously proclaimed as the end of an era, even the phrase, let alone the concept, has become a sadly devalued currency.