Tom Hanks

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Noun1.Tom Hanks - United States film actor (born in 1956)
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"When I opened the post, Tom Hanks had written a very short note and signed it.
It's not just every actor who could spend the vast majority of a movie either silent or having one-sided conversations with a basketball and still be riveting, but Tom Hanks manages it.
Critics say the film, starring Tom Hanks and Ewan McGregor, is based on malicious myths and is "poisonous to the faithful".
OSCAR winner Tom Hanks is planning to shoot a EUR70million children's movie in Ireland this summer.
FANS of classic film Forrest Gump will be delighted Tom Hanks has joined up with his two co-stars from the iconic film.
London, Mar 20 (ANI): Actor Matthew McConaughey has revealed he handed over 63 pounds to Tom Hanks on Oscars night as a way of thanking the movie star for keeping his young son entertained all day.
It made a massive splash (sorry) when it opened in 1984, and helped cement the career of director Ron Howard and star Tom Hanks, who later re-teamed for Apollo 13.
HOLLYWOOD superstar Tom Hanks is beginning to regret launching himself into cyberspace.
ANGRY Catholics are calling for a total boycott of Tom Hanks' new blockbuster religious movie when it opens in America next weekend.
TOM Hanks is to snub any more roles that need him to change weight - for the good of his health.
Summary: Tom Hanks stars alongside Julia Roberts and his wife, Rita Wilson, in new film Larry Crowne, but only he attended the London premiere.
New York, April 29 (ANI): Julia Roberts paid a heartfelt tribute to her pal Tom Hanks - including some F-jibes - at a Film Society of Lincoln Center event honouring the actor.