Tom and Jerry

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Tom and Jerry

n. pl. Tom and Jerries
A hot drink consisting of rum or another liquor, a beaten egg, milk or water, sugar, and spices.

[After Corinthian Tom, and Jerry, Hawthorn, characters in Life in London, a novel by Pierce Egan (1772-1849).]

Tom′ and Jer′ry

a hot drink of beaten eggs, milk or water, rum, sugar, and spices.
[1835–45, Amer.; after characters in Life in London (1821), fictional sketches by Pierce Egan (1772–1849), English writer]
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Noun1.Tom and Jerry - hot rum toddy with a beaten egg
rum - liquor distilled from fermented molasses
hot toddy, toddy - a mixed drink made of liquor and water with sugar and spices and served hot
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