Tomas de Torquemada

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Noun1.Tomas de Torquemada - the Spaniard who as Grand Inquisitor was responsible for the death of thousands of Jews and suspected witches during the Spanish Inquisition (1420-1498)
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A Diego de Torquemada B Pablo de Torquemada C Tomas de Torquemada D Fernando de Torquemada 8.
The textual sources employed by the Libro del alborayque's anonymous author, who probably belonged to the circle of theologians associated with Tomas de Torquemada, include both Alfonso X's Estoria de Espana and the Castilian, Latin, and French translations of Muhammad's night journey and ascension narrative, or mi 'raj, all of which mention al-buraq (Fita; Lazar).
Condon goes on to claim that the Inquisition was "actually a reluctant creation of the Church." To Condon, Tomas de Torquemada, Spain's infamous Grand Inquisitor, was "a much more nuanced historical figure than the cartoonish portrayal of him suggests." He calls the Inquisition's use of torture -- wait for it -- "downright progressive." He also writes that "the jails of the Inquisition were universally known to be hygienic and well maintained."
Specific people highlighted include Tariq ibn Ziyad, Muslim Conqueror of Spain, Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand, and Tomas de Torquemada. The suffering of the Jewish, Moors, Conversos, and Morisco people and the other victims of the Inquisition are described in detail; however, there is little emotion in the descriptions of this harrowing event.
Nunez de Arnalte otorgo poderes en favor de su esposa dona Maria Davila--con Fray Tomas de Torquemada como mentor--para que actuase en su nombre levantando un monasterio de dominicos en honor de Santo Tomas.
But this is Spain of the 15th century where belief and self-belief are constantly challenged and where characters such as Christopher Columbus, Tomas de Torquemada and Queen Isabella de Castile are equally fanatical in their views.