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Noun1.Tomistoma - a genus of Malayan crocodilesTomistoma - a genus of Malayan crocodiles  
reptile genus - a genus of reptiles
false gavial, Tomistoma schlegeli - crocodile of southeast Asia similar to but smaller than the gavial
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2016 Notes on the Wild Tomistoma Populations in Western Sarawak.
Air India which has the expertise in carrying different types of special cargo had earlier carried a rare, endangered female tomistoma crocodile on a flight from Ahmedabad to Chennai last year," the AI spokesperson added.
First up was the peat swamp, where I was transfixed by one of the aquariumAAEs rare Tomistoma crocodiles.
The "false gharials", are represented by the living species Tomistoma schlegelii that lives in Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia.
North America has an interesting fossil record of the "false gharials" or tomistomine crocodiles, represented by the genus Gavialosuchus, which is related to the old World genus Tomistoma (sensu Brochu, 2001).
La subfamilia Crocodylinae esta conformada por tres generos con especies sobrevivientes: Crocodylus, los verdaderos cocodrilos con 12 especies; Osteolaemus, el cocodrilo enano y Tomistoma, el falso gavial y Gavialinae que contiene solo un genero con una especie sobreviviente, el gharial, Gavialis gangeticus (Ross y Magnusson 1989).
One of the threatened reptile species is Tomistoma schegelii, a rare crocodile whose main habitat in the northern part of DSNP (Gernis, Danau Siawan and Sungai Air Merah; Suriansyah 2006)has been cleared for an oil palm plantation.
NNEX 2 SYSTEMATIC LIST OF REPTILE SPECIES: DANAU SENTARUM NATIONAL PARK AND NEAR-CATCHMENT SURROUNDS TESTUDINES ORDER/ Local FAMILY/ Name Species (i) (Lan- guage) (ii) TESTUDINIDAE Manouria emys Baning (I) EMYDIDAE Orlitia borneensis Biuku (I) Siebenrockiella crassiscollis Kura-kura Jaung (I) Cuora amboinensis Kura-kura Tambit (I) Cyclemys dentata Kura-Kura Air (I) Hoesemys spinosa Kura-kura Umung (I) Malayemys subtrijuga - Pyxidae mouhottii - TRIONYCHIDAE Amyda cartilagenea Labi-labi Sungai Dogania subplana Labi-labi Hitam Pelochelys bibroni Labi-labi Kuning Chitra indica Labi-labi Besar Trionyx gangeticus CROCODYLIA CROCODILIDEA Crocodylus raninus Buaya Kodok Crocodylus porosus Buaya Rabin Tomistoma schlegeli Buaya Sinyulong SAURIA AGAMIDAE Draco sp.
The situation with crocodile species (both Crocodylus porosus and Tomistoma schlegelii) appears much the same as with the rarer and more threatened fish species (e.
However, Beccari (1904) commented that he "never had the good fortune" to see Tomistoma schlegelii (one of two crocodilian species known to inhabit the D.
Galdikas and Yeager (1984) describe a crocodilian, False gavial Tomistoma schlegelii, preying on proboscis monkeys in Tanjung Puting.