Tommy Atkins

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(ˈtɒm i)

n., pl. -mies. Brit.
(sometimes cap.) a British soldier.
[1880–85; short for Tommy Atkins]
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Students at The Avon Valley School and Performing Arts College learned about Tommy Atkins, a WWI soldier whose story is brought to life on stage thanks to musician, playwright and performer Peter Gill.
Los cultivares seleccionados fueron Criollo, Hadden, Hilacha, Kent y Tommy Atkins, basado en el hecho de que son usados para exportacion y los de mayor demanda como consumo de fruta fresca.
Gas exchanges of Tommy Atkins mango trees under different irrigation treatments.
Landmark stages for Tommy Atkins and Keitt, two cultivars commercially growing in the Americas, were observed in tropical orchards in Colombia.
Kipling could and did write perfect prose, but much of his work was written as Tommy Atkins and Stella Sedgewick spoke it in barracks and barrooms, woolen mills and sheep farms.
2]) and calcium lactate would maintain the textural and sensory quality of fresh-cut Kent and Tommy Atkins mangoes.
As a man with his feet in two socially-separate worlds, Tommy Atkins is defined by "his brutality, kindliness, his independence, [and] his murderous discontent.
No other Englishman had greater empathy with the soul of what we called the Mysterious East and its myriad people, nor understanding of the fighting men who carved out the empire, men immortalised as Tommy Atkins.
04IN the letters section, 'JP' wrote: 'Don't you think that we should stop the Christmas card craze this year and spend the money in a sensible way by sending a parcel to Tommy Atkins at the front?
Whether Tommy Atkins was a Lion led by Donkeys or whether the generals were thwarted by advances in technology which rendered a wellheld trench line unbreakable is not the subject matter here.