Tommy Atkins

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(ˈtɒm i)

n., pl. -mies. Brit.
(sometimes cap.) a British soldier.
[1880–85; short for Tommy Atkins]
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With around 700 varieties of mangoes including famous Dashhari, Chausa, Hosnahara, Mallika, Tommy Atkins, Kesar and Langda, the unique 'Modi mango,' which weighs around 450 grams and has been named after PM Narendra Modi grabbed eyeballs, thanks to its peculiar name.
We wouldn't want to go back to days of Empire either, when Britain was only Great for the Toffs that ruled and Tommy Atkins was at the sharp end.
In Brazil, the Northeast region is the main area of production and exportation, and the variety Tommy Atkins is one of the most popular (Marques et al., 2010; Sivakumar et al., 2011).
If you've only eaten the Tommy Atkins variety sold in grocery stores, you'll know why.
Students at The Avon Valley School and Performing Arts College learned about Tommy Atkins, a WWI soldier whose story is brought to life on stage thanks to musician, playwright and performer Peter Gill.
Tommy Atkins, a cultivar that is more difficult to induce to flower than 'Keitt', had 18% of shoots flowering after the 5-month application and 100% flowering after the KN[O.sub.3] application 6 months after the pruning date (RAMIREZ & DAVENPORT, 2010; RAMIREZ et al., 2010).
Kipling could and did write perfect prose, but much of his work was written as Tommy Atkins and Stella Sedgewick spoke it in barracks and barrooms, woolen mills and sheep farms.