Tommy gun

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Tommy gun

n. Informal
A Thompson submachine gun.

Tommy gun

(Firearms, Gunnery, Ordnance & Artillery) an informal name for Thompson sub-machine-gun

Tom′my gun`

1. Thompson submachine gun.
2. any submachine gun.
[1920–25; by shortening]
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Noun1.Tommy gun - a .45-caliber submachine gunTommy gun - a .45-caliber submachine gun  
submachine gun - machine gun that is a portable automatic firearm

tommy gun

[ˈtɒmɪˌgʌn] n (fam) → fucile m mitragliatore
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From the World War I machine gun that can chop down a tree, to the first gangster hit with a Tommy Gun, to the modern GAU-8 Avenger - one of the deadliest machine guns in the world.
Ask the average person to name two submachine guns and unquestionably the answer will be Tommy Gun and Uzi.
He also shares a propensity to hit it long off the tee, this nerveless Belgian - Tommy Gun, Tommy Cannon, Clouting Thomas, take your pick, but he is going to need a decent nickname because he's going to be a star.
The enthralling history of the invention and rise of the Tommy gun is presented in this fascinating title that starts with the use of the Gatling gun during the Civil War.
This Tommy gun will also be available for players in GTA 5's campaigns.
Later Alma Keppie's Archaton Peach pinged to make all in the other bitches' race as Hove favourite Hoof It Katie, lost round the track, had to be content with third, while Poole's Tommy Gun ran well to take the finale.
The bizarre chapel, in a gun-cleaning room decorated with red rose petals, an Uzi and a Tommy gun, hosts ten weddings a month.
I only see him three times a year, but I figured I would notice something like that between stories of his action from the War and tales of how badly he wanted a Tommy Gun until he got one, and then how hard he tried to get his old rifle back--he wasn't the only one.
He had a Tommy gun in a scabbard on the bike and a .
It was designed by sculptor Tommy Gun over a three-month period.