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(ˈtɒmp kɪnz)

Daniel D., 1774–1825, vice president of the U.S. 1817–25.
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As he warily moved about, he heard the gen- eral call out irritably: "Tompkins, go over an' see Taylor, an' tell him not t' be in such an all- fired hurry; tell him t' halt his brigade in th' edge of th' woods; tell him t' detach a reg'ment --say I think th' center 'll break if we don't help it out some; tell him t' hurry up."
We 've got 'em sure." He turned suddenly upon an aid: "Here--you--Jones--quick--ride after Tompkins --see Taylor--tell him t' go in--everlastingly-- like blazes--anything."
Upon the inside of each of these I had to scrawl a few lines on any subject which occurred to me as sufficiently mysterious -- signing all the epistles Tom Dobson, or Bobby Tompkins, or anything in that way.
"Come, come, mates," spoke up one of the men, Tompkins, who had taken no part in the altercation, "shootin' off our bloomin' mugs won't get us nothin'.
Tompkins won't lord it over you, I suppose,--and you'll pay down your money like a lady, won't you?
Names like Tompkins and Jenkins and Jinks are funny without being vulgar; I mean they are vulgar without being common.
On his long-term agenda, Tompkins cites his commitment to supporting NAA's three-year Strategic Plan, with 2008 Chairman-Elect Ron Shelton, CAPS, and 2008 Vice President Marc Rossenwasser following his lead in 2009 and 2010, respectively.
Kastle Systems has appointed Charles Tompkins, Robert McCarthy and Adam Bayless as business development managers.
1st Lt Tompkins was flying an F-15C, as #3 of a three-ship air combat training sortie.
LOVEITTS' land and new home department has announced the sale of two new developments of apartments for clients Tompkins Construction and Kepp Homes.
As photographers steadied their cameras on August 14 to capture Edith Shain and Carl Muscarello in a reenactment of their famous Times Square kiss on V-J Day in 1945, Tim Tompkins grabbed his boyfriend, Nathan, and pulled him in for a smooch.