Ton mile

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1.(Railroads) A unit of measurement of the freight transportation performed by a railroad during a given period, usually a year, the total of which consists of the sum of the products obtained by multiplying the aggregate weight of each shipment in tons during the given period by the number of miles for which it is carried.
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However, as it seems, soon their product tanker counterparts could soon receive some positive news, as demand seems primed to pick up in new areas as well, leading to increased ton mile demand for their vessels.
For revenue per ton mile, Colorado, Kansas, Indiana, and Missouri had the largest increases while Montana and North Dakota had the smallest increases.
First-class effective freight rates in cents per ton mile were 40.
It is difficult to see a strong recovery in the tanker market as long as the net supply of tonnage rises faster than the total ton mile demand, the company said in the report.
FedEx has set a goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions from its worldwide air operations by 20 percent by 2020, per available ton mile.
Each gross ton mile variable (which includes the weight of the train) is scaled down by a factor of average net ton miles (including only the weight of the freight) to gross ton miles for that category of freight to approximate net ton miles in the given category.
The current trend of cross US Gulf trade verses longer hauls to the US Atlantic coast or US west coast is keeping a cap on ton mile demand.
Schedule 300 of Form M includes ton mile statistics.
It will feature16% more revenue cargo volume than the dash 400F, 14% lower operating cost per ton mile and 17% less fuel burn, the company said.
Ton mile demand is up, and is expected to grow by 6 percent this year.