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Noun1.tone deafness - an inability to distinguish differences in pitchtone deafness - an inability to distinguish differences in pitch
deafness, hearing loss - partial or complete loss of hearing
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Tone deaf, sluggishly paced and laugh free, it sees countless bullets wasted on a showdown, and it's a shame some of the characters survive.
British actress Minnie Driver, 47, who dated Damon in the 1990s, tweeted that he had shown himself to be "utterly tone deaf and as a result, systemically part of the problem".
It's so interesting (profoundly unsurprising) how men with all these opinions about women's differentiation between sexual misconduct, assault and rape reveal themselves to be utterly tone deaf and as a result, systemically part of the problem.
Summary: Classical singer is against turning tone deaf actors into singers using software
Tone Deaf is told in alternate points of view, enabling the reader to get a true picture of what is in each character's mind.
Nevertheless, especially in light of Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson's trip to Jordan this week (which was a little tone deaf itself ), it seems noteworthy that the Republicans of today are being held up as a bad example of Islamophobia against the likes of Bush--a short jaunt into history shows why.
The exercise of singing expands your lungs you see, Not quite like running but decently, And you brighten up your mood, a mental lift, No matter if you're tone deaf with no vocal gift.
TV presenter Andrew Castle, below, on how tennis star Andy Murray will react when his mother Judy takes part in Strictly Come Dancing "He has started to recognise me, and as everybody knows, I demand recognition" X Factor judge Simon Cowell on his baby son Eric "A squalid mass of bilious scum, tone deaf, half-blind, rejected hacks, meddling, grubby half-baked Oxbridge dropouts" Actor Steven Berkoff is no fan of the critics "The rotten roots of the current craze for seeing romantic relationships as a cross between a padded cell and a three-legged race began a long time ago" Commentator and writer Julie Burchill
In rehearsing the songs in 3000 Trees, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe show I'm directing, Adam Robertson (aka Dr Dan Hunter in River City) explained his music teacher told him he was tone deaf.
Adds Tone Deaf, "Cover-ups typically consist of roses, flowers, dragons, koi fish, or anything else that can both conceal the old [design] and draw attention away from the fact it's a cover-up.
There was the usual out-of-key singing - those requiems for the tone deaf that would have Gareth Malone reaching for the Valium - and dance routines that were barely disguised limb collisions which should have carried health and safety warnings.
Nasreen tweeted on Saturday: " Girish Karnad is right, Naipaul is tone deaf, wrote nothing about Indian music in his big books on India.