Tongue grafting

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Regarding grafting, most studies used the top clef grafting (Figure 5) (BEZERRA et al., 1999; BEZERRA et al., 2002; PENA et al., 2015; LATTUADA, 2008; FRANZON, 2008), splice grafting (BEZERRA et al., 1999) and whip and tongue grafting (FRANZON, 2008), and the best results were obtained with the use of the top clef grafting (Figure 4) with semiwoody material, whose survival reached between 77.5% (BEZERRA et al., 1999) and 81.5% (BEZERRA et al., 2002), Table 2.
In whip and tongue grafting, the scion and rootstock (or branch) are exactly the same size and specially cut to lock together.