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 (tŏn′kĭn′, tŏng′-)
A historical region of southeast Asia on the Gulf of Tonkin, an arm of the South China Sea, now forming most of northern Vietnam. It was part of French Indochina from 1887 to 1946.

Ton′kin·ese′ (-ēz′, -ēs′) adj. & n.


(ˈtɒnˈkɪn) or


1. (Placename) a former state of N French Indochina (1883–1946), on the Gulf of Tonkin: forms the largest part of N Vietnam
2. (Placename) Gulf of Tonkin an arm of the South China Sea, bordered by N Vietnam, the Leizhou Peninsula of SW China, and Hainan Island. Length: about 500 km (300 miles)


(ˈtɒnˈkɪn, ˈtɒŋ-)

also Tongking

1. a former state in N French Indochina, now part of Vietnam.
2. Gulf of, an arm of the South China Sea, W of Hainan. 300 mi. (485 km) long.
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I learned it from the Tonkin pirates, who are able to remain hidden for hours in the beds of the rivers.
8] An official report from Tonkin, received in Paris at the end of July, 1909, relates how the famous pirate chief De Tham was tracked, together with his men, by our soldiers; and how all of them succeeded in escaping, thanks to this trick of the reeds.
The stuff is pretty expensive in this part of the world, and they were very short of it in Tonkin.
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A BURGLAR who stole money from a volunteer's purse in a charity shop was caught by a have-a-go hero Dennis Darren Tonkin, 43, had been on a drinking binge with his sons before walking into The Mind charity shop on Linthorpe Road, Middlesbrough and stealing PS162 from the lady's purse.
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