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 (tŏn′kĭn′, tŏng′-)
A historical region of southeast Asia on the Gulf of Tonkin, an arm of the South China Sea, now forming most of northern Vietnam. It was part of French Indochina from 1887 to 1946.

Ton′kin·ese′ (-ēz′, -ēs′) adj. & n.
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(ˌtɒnkɪnˈiːz) or


n, pl -ese
(Breeds) a breed of medium-sized cat with almond-shaped aqua-coloured eyes and a soft silky coat
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"Siamese and Tonkinese cats were reported in one study to be the most vocal, whereas Persians, Maine Coon, and Ragdolls were the quietest." So if you live in an apartment with fussy neighbors, a Siamese kitten may not be the best fit for you right now.
Additional amazing singing comes from Yvonne Strumecki as the aspirant Tonkinese merchant Bloody Mary, who casts a vocal spell with the song "Bali Ha'i." The mystical moment is also a great opportunity for lighting designer Yael Lubetzky to show off with plenty of palm tree-dappled shadows and saturated color.
The character of Bloody Mary is based on a real Tonkinese woman who, during World War II, dreamed of opposing French colonialism on the islands of present-day Vanuatu and returning to her home in Vietnam.
Joe Cable and Liat, the young Tonkinese girl he falls for, sufficiently different from Madame Butterfly (Lovensheimer 49).
He didn't enjoy the best of luck when a close fourth behind two of tonight's rivals, Secret Wizard and Tonkinese, he must have a big each-way shout tonight.
Tonkinese, twice successful over shorter trips last season, will be making a belated reappearance and his trainer Mick Halford said: "Although he hasn't raced this year, he's been kept busy at home and has run well fresh before.
There was something of a surprise in the three runner conditions race as Tonkinese outpointed Radiantly.
Primary hyperaldosteronism was reported in 24 domestic shorthair cats, in three domestic longhair cats, two British Shorthairs, and one individual of each of the following breeds: Siamese, Persian, Tonkinese, Burmese, Burmilla (DJAJADININGRAT-LAANEN et al., 2011).
But, according to French intelligence reporting on this project, Ngo Dinh Diem's close advisors feared "seeing a mass of Tonkinese people emerge there, who could, with adequate leadership, lean to any political camp deemed most appropriate" (SHD/10H/4195).
Liat, an innocent Tonkinese girl who is the daughter of Bloody Mary, a spunky island native.
These include the Abyssinian, American Shorthair, Maine Coon, Manx, Mixed Breed, Persian, Ragdoll, Russian Blue, Siamese, and Tonkinese. Beautiful color photographs of each breed are featured, along with helpful suggestions for choosing and caring for a healthy cat, plus helping your cat adjust to its new home.
Plenty of exciting types in the Chesham but I'm rowing in with Michael Halford's TONKINESE (2.30).