Tony Blair

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Noun1.Tony Blair - British statesman who became prime minister in 1997 (born in 1953)
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In my view, Tony Blair is the type of politician that has led to the current distrust of the political elite.
They were standing right there, Tony Blair and Jared Kushner standing not 15ft in front of me with Tony Blair, let me choose my words carefully, sucking up to Jared Kushner."
But on the Andrew Marr Show, Mr Woolf insisted: "They were not 15ft away, with Tony Blair, let's choose my words carefully, 'sucking up' to Kushner."
Why then was it such an easy choice for Tony Blair to want regime change in the case of Saddam Hussein?
Cherie and Tony Blair visited the Percy Charity, Whorlton Road, Middlesbrough in 2001.
Thank goodness that Harold Wilson was Prime Minister at this time rather than Tony Blair!
But Tony Blair smiled a smile of determination and pride showing that they were intended to go on with their plan to attack Iraq, he said.
Under Tony Blair's Prime Ministership Labour lost four million votes, Labour's share of the vote in the 2005 General Election was the worst accrued by any winning party since 1832.
When the Labour man stood down as an MP, the property served as the headquarters of the Tony Blair Sports Foundation.
Is this the same Tony Blair who secured a job as peace envoy in the Middle East?