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a. The excrement of animals.
b. Manure.
2. Something foul or abhorrent.
tr.v. dunged, dung·ing, dungs
To fertilize (land) with manure.

[Middle English, from Old English.]

dung′y adj.
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Even Tony Dungy, the mild-mannered former coach of the Colts, expressed dismay over McDaniels' move.
After going 40-28 in four seasons at Oakland, Gruden replaced the fired Tony Dungy as coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2002 as part of a trade deal that saw the Raiders receive two first-round NFL Draft picks, two second-round choices and $8 million.
Five nominees were eliminated in the final vote: Tony Dungy, Kevin Greene, Marvin Harrison, Orlando Pace and Kurt Warner.
Oregon confirmed Thursday that Eric Dungy, the son of former NFL head coach Tony Dungy, will transfer out of the program after graduating at the end of the spring term.
Former National Football League coach Tony Dungy, who mentored Michael Vick when he returned to the NFL after doing prison time, had similar advice.
Throughout the years, I've had a chance to hear and learn from leadership consultants such as Jim Collins, Daniel Pink, Seth Godin and Patrick Lencioni, as well as leadership practitioners and CEOs such as Jack Welsh, Carly Fiorina, Tony Dungy and Bono (yes, that Bono).
president and chief executive officer Greg Wasson was joined by former Indianapolis Colts head coach Tony Dungy, Sen.
he reckons the 2007 Super Bowl when both coaches, lovie Smith of the Chicago Bears and the indianapolis Colts' Tony Dungy, were black proves interviewing ethnic minorities for senior positions works.
College b-ball was well represented, of course, but there were also legends like Magic Johnson, Tommy Lasorda and Mike Fratello (along with country music star Kenny Chesney) on hand to honor Tom Izzo and Tony Dungy and support Vitale's drive for the V Foundation and cancer research.
Tony Dungy, formerly the head coach of the Indianapolis Colts and a popular figure in the evangelical Christian community, was tapped by Obama to serve on the advisory council, reported blogger Dan Gilgoff of U.
Totesport, who were first up with prices, have Indianapolis as their 8-1 joint-favourites with Pittsburgh, which was something of a surprise, given that veteran coach Tony Dungy has retired and they went out in the wild-card round this season.