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Noun1.Tony Blair - British statesman who became prime minister in 1997 (born in 1953)
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Birthdays: 1953: TonyBlair, 51, British Prime Minister.
TONYBlair is toclip thewings ofrowdyLabour PartychairmanCharlesClarkeaftera string of gaffes.
Graham Maxwell, Bebington TONYBLAIR''S public decision theprofits fromhis theRoyal British Legiontohelp fundasports centre troops followsinalong
Earlier, Prime Minister TonyBlair said of his opponents in the Lords: ``They have simply got to understand: to continue to water down and dilute this legislation is not responsible.
The end of New Labour: TonyBlair came to power in 1997 with a promise to govern Britain in a new way.
But denying they were leaned on to think big by TonyBlair's cabinet, he added: ``There was one passing comment.
Key in or and you'll draw a blank.
TONYBlair's former communications chief,Alastair Campbell, yesterday denied ``losing control'' during the ferocious Iraq weapons dossier battle with the BBC.
If,in London,George Bush and TonyBlair's gig was in need of a 16,000strong police guard costing pounds 5m,all it took to sit at this particular top table, was a tick on a guest list and a nod from an usher.
'If we are one of the scars on TonyBlair's back, so be it,' he said.
LEADING politicians yesterday rejected TonyBlair's call for MPs to "dressdown".
TONYBlair doesn't need enemies with a friend like Ken Follett going on TV and condemning him.