n.1.(Mach.) The part of a tool-rest in which a cutting tool is clamped.
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He also has designed a device that allows someone with weak hands to make boxes without hanging the tool over the tool-post.
The Dynabelter tool-post grinder from Dynabrade uses coated abrasive belts to grind or polish steel, plastic, rubber, composites, and non-ferrous metals, holding tolerances of 0.
For ultra-precision punch facing, it can be done in a lathe using a small tool-post grinder.
I've found that almost the only reliable alternative has been to make a lathe set-up, where with a tool-post grinder can be used to make an accurate pass.
Carbide-roller burnishing also increases productivity since it can be performed with the speed and feed of a cutting tool on the same tool-post holder without removing the part from its primary machining setup.