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Noun1.Toona - formerly included in genus Cedrela
rosid dicot genus - a genus of dicotyledonous plants
family Meliaceae, mahogany family, Meliaceae - tropical trees and shrubs including many important timber and ornamental trees
Cedrela calantas, kalantas, Philippine cedar, Toona calantas, Philippine mahogany - Philippine timber tree having hard red fragrant wood
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Pearcy (1987), working with the Australian species Argyrodendron peralatum and Toona australis, found that [A.sub.max] values for the understory leaves were 60-80% of those found in canopy leaves.
Linda Kivi's novel If Home Is a Place (Polestar Books, 1995) is a worthy contribution to a group of Estonian women's fictional writings about exile, which includes Helga Nou's novels Kass soob rohtu (The Cat Eats Grass), Paha poiss (Bad Boy), and Tiiger, tiiger of the 1960s and 1970s, about young Estonians in Sweden, and Elin Toona's Lotukata (1969), Kalevikula viimne tutar (The Last Daughters of Kalevikula; 1988), and Kolm valget tuvi (Three White Doves; 1992), set in England and North America.
(2011), ao avaliar as exigencias nutricionais e o efeito da omissao de nutrientes no crescimento de mudas de cedro australiano (Toona ciliata M.
(2016) identified the limonoid cedrelone from the hexane extract of Toona ciliate M.
(1) Kuigi ka siinmaine hiliskeskaegne kunstiparand oli rikas koiksugustest naopiltidest, polnud nende naol ometigi tegemist veel toeliste portreedega, tott-oelda ei osatud selliseid toona oieti veel tahtagi.
The use of clonal mini-gardens for the production of mini-cuttings is being used in several crops, such as guava (Freitas et al., 2013), 'pitangueira' (Pena et al., 2015), blueberries (Affonso et al., 2015) and forestry species such as Cedrela fissilis (Xavier et al., 2003), Toona ciliata (Souza et al., 2014) and Paulownia fortunei (Stuepp et al., 2015).
(2011), in which nitrogen was the main nutrient responsible for the vegetative development of Australian cedar (Toona ciliata).
Flavonols and derivatives of gallic acid from young leaves of Toona sinensis (A.
Some limonoids, named toonacilianins A-I, were found in Toona ciliata, a plant species cultivated worldwide [18].
(2012) also reported that basal, intermediate and apical mini-cuttings of cedro-australiano (Toona ciliata) showed no difference in rooting and shoot could be used in its entirety to produce plantlets by mini-cutting.