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also twoo·nie  (to͞o′nē)
n. Informal
A Canadian coin worth two dollars.

[two + -ie (modeled on loonie).]


(ˈtuːnɪ) or


(Currencies) informal Canadian a Canadian two-dollar coin


(ˈtu ni)
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Local whistle-blowers no longer take Tyne-Wear derbies - George is from Spennymoor - and he had to take off the players for 20 minutes after Marco Gabbiadini sealed a 2-0 Mackem victory and Toonies swarmed onto the pitch.
SO then my fellow Toonies, did you enjoy that novel experience last night?
BERT Ward's letter about mishearing words made me smile, for when I was a teenager in the 1950s, one of the songs was Ball in the Jack, so I sang along with everyone else: 'First you put your toonies close up tight'.
Anglican children have been raising money for the fund by collecting toonies during liturgical seasons.
Las otras series programadas son El pequeno rey Macius, La tierra vista por Alban, Yummy Toonies, La vaca, el gato y el oceano, El patito feo y yo, Arte letal.
The second recommendation suggests giving the homeless your spare loonies and toonies is not something that I agree with.
But Doog convinces Jeremy he's for real, along with other Toonies from Cartoon Land, with its yellow sky, two blue moons and bright red stars.