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Noun1.income statement - a financial statement that gives operating results for a specific periodincome statement - a financial statement that gives operating results for a specific period
financial statement, statement - a document showing credits and debits
compte de résultat
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Without answering, without the slightest change in look or manner, Clara took the newspaper from the ground, and read the top line in the column, printed in capital letters:
It is very possible that he fancied himself there, indeed; for it was plain, from his abstraction, that he saw not the book-stall, nor the street, nor the boys, nor, in short, anything but the book itself: which he was reading straight through: turning over the leaf when he got to the bottom of a page, beginning at the top line of the next one, and going regularly on, with the greatest interest and eagerness.
Pickwick eyed him intently as he turned from the bottom line of the first page to the top line of the second, and from the bottom of the second to the top of the third, and from the bottom of the third to the top of the fourth; but not the slightest alteration of countenance afforded a clue to the feelings with which he received the announcement of his son's marriage, which Mr.
Developments in 2016: Grew top line revenue through continued organic growth initiatives and 42 acquisition transactions.
Despite this impact on top line revenues, the Bank's year-on-year net interest income levels reflected an improvement of two percent during the current period, as reduction in mark up expenses outweighed the reduction in top line revenues.
An analyst at Top Line Securities said pre-booking of Honda Civic started last week with an initial non-refundable deposit of Rs1 million.
Mobile broadband remains the key top line driver (fuelled by smartphone penetration +3pp QoQ and data usage growth, which picked up 10% to 1.
Biodegradable polymers company Flexible Solutions International Inc (NYSE MKT:FSI)(FRANKFURT:FXT) reported on Wednesday its top line revenues of USD3.
The 2010 adjusted top line rose 32% YoY to $903 mln (up 19% gross) and EBITDA grew 39% to $393 mln, driven by 20% higher turnover of 97.
The revision reflects CRISIL's belief that Sumeet will continue to report a strong top line growth and operating profitability over the medium-term on the back of its recently expanded production capacity.
All good turnaround efforts can rapidly derail if an unhealthy top line continues to decline.
THE Yorkshire office of Newcastle-based law firm, Dickinson Dees has played a major role in the sale of York-based bus company Top Line Travel to Transdev Blazefield.