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n.1.(Naut.) A rope used for hoisting and lowering a topmast, and for other purposes.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Brookes managed to avoid a quick loss from Walter's giant splash from the top rope. He didn't, however, escape being thrown around The Hangar, with Walter throwing Brookes into chairs and barricades.
"There are a lot of products that come through from Top Rope Brewing, who are based down south," said Michael.
"Currently we just sell drinks and we like to provide drinks from local breweries and distilleries, so currently stock beers, gins and vodkas from Weetwood Ales brewery & a distillery based in Tarporley, as well as beer from two smaller breweries close to Chester - Hafod Brewing Company in Mold and Top Rope Brewing in Sandycroft.
There's an air of confidence as he stands on the top rope under the spotlight, though it's a world away from his humble beginnings wrestling in back gardens around Blaenau Gwent.
Birmingham's own Pete Dunne also took his moment in the spotlight, but could not regain his UK Championship against the giant Walter, who flattened his opponent with a splash from the top rope.
Post-match as Andrade climbed a ladder for the briefcase, Raw's Ricochet came out to stop the Latin star reaching the case in typically athletic Ricochet fashion leaping onto the top rope, then onto the ladder.
The main event of the afternoon will see a Giant Rumble Match where opponents must throw their opponent over the top rope, the winner being the last man standing for their team.
The braces that I had are nonexistent anymore so I had new knee braces on.  So that was really the million-dollar question, 'Okay if I can make the nip-up everything else' - I can make the elbow, you practically just fall off the top rope," Michaels said on ( E&C Pod of Awareness back in November.
The MWF's resident "Daredevil" took out Makisig with a Phoenix Splash from the top rope for the three-count.
"I would be classed as a highflier, I was up on the top rope, jumping from one side of the ring to the other, jumping over people who are six-anda-half foot tall to get the ball in football kind of helped when it came to the wrestling.
Known as Naz -- who entered the ring over the top rope with a trademark flying front somersault and leopard-print shorts -- Hamed quickly became a British cult icon, but he always stayed true to his Arab roots.
Liverpool's best beer peddlers will all be in the mix with Higson's Brewery, Liverpool Craft Beer Expo, Black Lodge Brewery, Top Rope, Chapter, Mad Hatter and Cave Direct all teaming up to form the first-ever Liverpool Brewer's Market.