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n.1.(Naut.) A rope used for hoisting and lowering a topmast, and for other purposes.
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Alexa Bliss successfully defended her Raw Women's Championship, last eliminating Sasha Banks with a top rope DDT in the first ever women's Elimination Chamber match.
Nikki tossed Brie over the top rope to be one of the last two women left standing, but there was never much doubt that Asuka would be the eventual winner.
Now get up on the top rope and back in (not many have).
Other pulse-racing activities in the first few days included a tree top rope walk, archery and Jai alai, a Basque indoor ball game, which Jodie and Jimmy won.
I've also on occasion watched the Common-wealth Games or caught the Olympics (freestyle amateur) wrestling, even if sometimes the lack of entrance music and top rope moves sometimes left me underwhelmed.
Children learn to use a climbing harness, boulder and top rope safety, and how to solve problems.
Brockhole is the lake district national park authority visitor centre, located between windermere and ambleside, it consists of a formal house and gardens alongside other activities including water sports and tree top rope courses.
Summary: Netflix's latest show, a 10-episode comedy about an 80s women's wrestling league, s a high-flying leap off the top rope and a pulsating neon heart
The bar will be showcasing beers from local breweries including Neptune, Ad Hop, the new Top Rope brewery, and many more.
In a blog, she wrote: "I've been around rocks my whole life as my parents are very keen climbers - most of my childhood was spent scrambling around at the bottom of the cliff with the occasional easy top rope.
His mates were laughing at me because I looked so young and slight whereas he entered the ring by bouncing over the top rope.
Walk-in top rope belay instruction is available at the Millcreek and Sandy locations, and bouldering is offered at all three.