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The capital of Kansas, in the northeast part of the state west of Kansas City. Founded in 1854, it became capital when Kansas was admitted to the Union in 1861.


(Placename) a city in E central Kansas, capital of the state, on the Kansas River: university (1865). Pop: 122 008 (2003 est)


(təˈpi kə)

the capital of Kansas, in the NE part, on the Kansas River. 119,658.
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Noun1.Topeka - the capital of the state of KansasTopeka - the capital of the state of Kansas; located in eastern Kansas on the Kansas river
Kansas, KS, Sunflower State - a state in midwestern United States
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This was capped by a message from Topeka (and wherein Topeka was concerned even Milsom could not guess): "Don't shoot, Colonel.
Los Angeles called to San Diego and Barstow that the Southern California engineers might know and be ready in their lonely round-houses; Barstow passed the word to the Atlantic and Pacific; the Albuquerque flung it the whole length of the Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe management, even into Chicago.
Her one word "hurry" was conveyed by the crews to the engineers at Nickerson, Topeka, and Marceline, where the grades are easy, and they brushed the Continent behind them.
said the Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe men, discussing life later, "we weren't runnin' for a record.
And his dear looked at him in all his imperturbable, complacent self-consciousness of kindness, and saw herself the little rural school-teacher who, with Ella Wheeler Wilcox and Lord Byron as her idols, and with the dream of herself writing "Poems of Passion," had come up to Topeka Town to be beaten by the game into marrying the solid, substantial business man beside her, who enjoyed delight in the spectacle of cats and rats walking the tight-rope in amity, and who was blissfully unaware that she was the Robin Redbreast in a cage that put all heaven in a rage.
Run up to Topeka and see Baker--he's the sales manager of the Holstein Breeders' Association.
TOPEKA--Positive Connections has moved to 2044 SW Fillmore in Topeka, and recently hosted a grand opening at its new location on Oct.
The Topeka Capital Journal reported out of Topeka, Kansas, on May 9 about a man who was shot while trying to burglarize a residence.
Topeka City Council head, Elaine Schwartz, has said that the police in the city could be allowed to impound vehicles that do not carry proof of insurance.
The Topeka shiner Notropis topeka is a federally endangered fish species (Tabor, 1998; Wall and Berry, 2004) native to portions of six states in the Midwest and Great Plains regions--Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, South Dakota, Nebraska and Kansas (Lee et al.
A serial number tag solved that mystery: The tractor was a 1938 Topeka Hi-Way Mower Model C4 tractor.