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He was the first Englishman to exemplify with supreme skill all the technical devices of exposition and argument--a very careful ordering of ideas according to a plan made clear, but not too conspicuous, to the hearer or reader; the use of summaries, topic sentences, connectives; and all the others.
Furthermore, the auction mechanism provides students with interactions among players to facilitate their evaluation of the information in articles and the composition of short words for creating topic sentences. Such interactions, which may invoke or hinder students' thinking, needs further investigation.
The talk was broadcast in 1932 and clearly anticipates the plight of John Beaver in A Handful of Dust for whom "nobody had been able to find anything [...] to do." This instance is noteworthy because it is one of the few in which Gallagher does not point out correspondences with other work by Waugh which will provide scholars with topic sentences for future articles.
Remind them to use transitional words and topic sentences.
We get topic sentences by word2vec, word-embedding, and other NLP methods, but we do not calculate the time, because the time is influenced by the corpus.
It explains how to develop, organize, and synthesize information and analytic results, so that different sections of the writing are connected; present the results of an analysis as persuasively as possible; write deductively, with strong topic sentences and precise wording; write focused, unified, and coherent paragraphs and sentences; choose words that communicate precisely and directly; and develop effective graphics.
I also see that you have marked this as an early draft and that you have requested that we focus on your thesis, topic sentences, and the conclusion.
These points will finally happen to topic sentences and will begin each behind paragraph in your essay.Find at least one quote that backs up each point that you have.
For instance, with regard to the paragraph structure, the student improved in the use of topic sentences, supporting ideas (and there were many ideas exemplifying his description), and the concluding sentence.
Judging from examples, what the app does is to pick out topic sentences from the longer article and go with that.
Khodra [13] employed the sentential features to extract the topic sentences of a paragraph.
During one memorable tutoring session with a student majoring in athletic training, I struggled to explain the importance of introducing new ideas within his paper before jumping into quotations and specific facts; his paragraphs did not have topic sentences or transitions, making his paper difficult to follow.