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1. Having no top: a collection of topless jars.
a. Having no part covering the breasts: a topless bathing suit.
b. Wearing no top: topless dancers.
c. Permitting or featuring public exposure of the breasts: a topless beach; topless bars.
3. So high as to appear to extend out of sight: the topless Alps.


1. having no top
2. (Clothing & Fashion)
a. denoting a costume which has no covering for the breasts
b. wearing such a costume
3. archaic immeasurably high
ˈtoplessness n


(ˈtɒp lɪs)

1. lacking a top.
2. nude above the waist.
3. featuring entertainers, waitresses, etc., who are nude above the waist: a topless bar.
4. extremely high: topless mountains.
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Adj.1.topless - having no toptopless - having no top; "a topless jar"  
topped - having a top of a specified character
2.topless - having the breasts uncovered or featuring such nuditytopless - having the breasts uncovered or featuring such nudity; "topless waitresses"; "a topless cabaret"
unclothed - not wearing clothing
بدون قِمَّه، بدون جُزْء عُلْويعالي جِدا
bezhlavýnesmírně vysoký
oben ohne
égbe nyúlófelsõrész nélkülitetõ nélküli
án efri hluta, topplaus; berbrjóstahimingnæfandi
bezhlavýnesmierne vysoký
çok yükseküstsüz


A. ADJtopless
B. ADV to go toplessir en topless
C. CPD topless bar Nbar m topless
topless swimsuit Nmonoquini m


adj [woman] → aux seins nus
topless swimsuit → monokini m
advseins nus
to sunbathe topless → bronzer seins nus
to go topless → enlever le hauttop-level [ˌtɒpˈlɛvəl] adj [meeting, talks, discussion] → au plus haut niveau; [decision] → pris au plus haut niveau


1. adj (bather) → a seno scoperto
topless swimsuit → topless m inv
2. adv (sunbathe) → in topless


(top) noun
1. the highest part of anything. the top of the hill; the top of her head; The book is on the top shelf.
2. the position of the cleverest in a class etc. He's at the top of the class.
3. the upper surface. the table-top.
4. a lid. I've lost the top to this jar; a bottle-top.
5. a (woman's) garment for the upper half of the body; a blouse, sweater etc. I bought a new skirt and top.
having gained the most marks, points etc, eg in a school class. He's top (of the class) again.
verbpast tense, past participle topped
1. to cover on the top. She topped the cake with cream.
2. to rise above; to surpass. Our exports have topped $100,000.
3. to remove the top of.
ˈtopless adjective
1. having no top.
2. very high.
ˈtopping noun
something that forms a covering on top of something, especially food. a tart with a topping of cream.
top hat (ˈtopə) abbreviation ( topper )
a man's tall hat, worn as formal dress.
ˌtop-ˈheavy adjective
having the upper part too heavy for the lower. That pile of books is top-heavy – it'll fall over!
ˌtop-ˈsecret adjective
very secret.
at the top of one's voice
very loudly. They were shouting at the top(s) of their voices.
be/feel etc on top of the world
to feel very well and happy. She's on top of the world – she's just got engaged to be married.
from top to bottom
completely. They've painted the house from top to bottom.
the top of the ladder/tree
the highest point in one's profession.
top up
to fill (a cup etc that has been partly emptied) to the top. Let me top up your glass/drink.
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The actor flexes his comic muscles as well as his abs and pecs, which are flaunted in an obligatory scene of toplessness to prove he hit the gym for the role.
The former Dem Senate minority leader from Hampton says he's on a warrant article that would ban female toplessness in the town in the wake of the recent "Free the Nipple" protests at the state beach.
Scientific evidence shows that banning female toplessness damages brain pathways in women and girls," Terstenjak said.
Here, the actor flexes his comic muscles as well as his abs, which are flaunted in an obligatory scene of toplessness to prove he hit the gym for the role.
On a crisp spring morning, with copious layers of duck down and a hat, I have witnessed singledigit temperatures being deemed suitable for toplessness.
Things changed in 1987 when the city banned nudity and toplessness, after much public debate about "areolas" and "anal clefts" Phil Donahue--remember him?
European beachgoers were the most permissive with regard to toplessness on the beach.
There's never been a law against toplessness in Oregon.
50% think toplessness should be illegal whether at the beach, the park or on the streets (Fischtein, Herold & Desmarais, 2005)
This allows the director to explore some of his favorite themes: the human face of fascism and toplessness.
She said: "It was my first and last bit of toplessness.
As optimalism sees it, the very fact that toplessness conflicts with optimalism excludes it from the range of real possibilities.