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Those through which Jurgis and Ona were walking resembled streets less than they did a miniature topographical map. The roadway was commonly several feet lower than the level of the houses, which were sometimes joined by high board walks; there were no pavements--there were mountains and valleys and rivers, gullies and ditches, and great hollows full of stinking green water.
Ultimately, he says, different cells could be programmed to respond to different concentrations of a toxic chemical and to fluoresce in different colors, so that the cell population would generate a color-coded topographical map of the toxin concentrations.
In addition, a product called Garmin MapSource Topo SD Card offers a highly detailed topographical map of Southern England & Wales.
Thus, for example, one of Ross's "green giants" may be patterned like a topographical map, with a readily discernible network of hard-edge lozenges filled with strictly graduated values of a single hue that chart the ins and outs of his forms and of the ground in front of which they are presented as if they were the ups and downs of an extraterrestrial badlands.
The team then charted each bird's path on a topographical map.
This update of Warren's 2000 and 1994 editions provides a master map, sites summary table, and trail profiles with a topographical map and enticing color photo.
Khedoori's new work expands her subject matter to include pictures featuring a scatter of gravel and a topographical map; the artist also experimented for the first time with completely abstract imagery.