Topographical surveying

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that branch of surveying which involves the process of ascertaining and representing upon a plane surface the contour, physical features, etc., of any portion of the surface of the earth.

See also: Surveying

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Tenders are invited for Topographical Surveying Andsampling Work
The excavation will conduct studies, excavation, architectural and topographical surveying of the site in order to establish a timeline for the deterioration of the tomb, in addition to identifying its funerary architectural and decorative elements in order to restore it.
The work will cover all engineering disciplines, architectural, topographical surveying, geotechnical, and environmental services.
Other products to be marketed by OSI Laserscan include a Robotic Sensor developed with General Dynamics Robotic Systems Division for use in the US Army's Future Combat Vehicle program; Treesense(TM), a precision farming sensor mounted to orchard spray machines to provide intelligent control of fertilizer and pesticide use; and Toposense(TM), a laser system utilized by topographical surveying companies for real time three dimensional mapping.
Market purchase orders for services and topographical surveying surveyors for the city and the department of Paris.