n.1.A Turret.
1.A ring for fastening a hawk's leash to the jesses; also, a ring affixed to the collar of a dog, etc.
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2011; Toret 2013), y por otro, un profundo sentimiento de injusticia y de invisibilidad (Slaughter 2011).
Tuba Hilkay Karapinar, Olgay Bildik, Sultan Aydin Koker, Ersin Toret, Yesim Oymak, Yilmaz Ay Bengu Demirag, Canan Vergin
En los anos recientes, la presencia de las redes sociodigitales fue clave en la Primavera Arabe en los paises del norte de Africa, los Indignados en Espana, Occupy Wall Street en Estados Unidos, #YoSoyi32 en Mexico, la Nuit Debout en Francia, entre otros (Castells, 2012; Gomez & Trere, 2014; Pleyers, 2016; Reguillo, 2013; Toret, 2013).
In this context, having validated the initial hypothesis, it proves necessary to ensure that the information journalists obtain is kept up-to-date in order to improve their professional performance and reconnect the role of journalism with a society that has traced new paths and has established alternative ways of involving citizens by means of creative technical-political models for collective action (Burgos-Pino, 2015; Toret, 2013).
Ao analisar o 15M, sistema rede de movimentos na Espanha, Toret (2012) aponta como a apropriacao de diferentes plataformas e dispositivos tecnologicos foram decisivos para a constituicao de acoes politicas, atraves de um processo sociotecnologico.
A nocao de tecnopolitica de Toret (2012) permeia as praticas do coletivo, que convergem taticas ativistas com taticas midiaticas na tentativa de transformar a comunicacao de movimentos e mobilizacoes em processos mais democraticos.
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These types of protests transcend the traditional format of demonstrations - and build, in the words of Spanish thinker Javier Toret, "a mutant network system with moving boundaries, hybrid, cyborg, a collective body that resists time and can extend through space".
Toret 2012; Monterde 2012) can help us to visualize different nodes through which collective and singular subjects operate a nonhierarchical, polycentric, and meritocratic process of distributed influence.
In this publication we see his first use of the pot casse or broken jar pierced by a lance or toret (a pun on Tory's name) that appears on the title page of the 1531 Book of Hours [Fig.
5) These would be the people coming up with dates, places, and formats for protests; working out messages, informational material (videos, flyers, posters), and basic infrastructure (common tents, medical and legal support); running the most popular Facebook pages and Twitter accounts; and so on (Aouragh, 2012; Castells, 2012; Gerbaudo, 2012; Ghonim, 2012; Judensnaider, Lima, Ortellado, & Pomar, 2013; Kroll, 2011; Monterde, Carrillo, Esteve & Aragon, 2013; Rodriguez, 2011; Ryan, 2011; Toret, 2013).
Connected to the global ecosystem of researcher-activists (the group coordinated by Javier Toret (4) and others in Latin America), Gutierrez has collaborated with the Flok Society in Quito (5) and has published widely on global protests: He was in New York during Occupy, in Mexico before and after the #YoSoy132 movement, in Athens at the end of 2014, and in Istanbul during the first months of 2015.