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Scientists assign a rating by looking at photographs of a tornado's aftermath.
A tornado's energy comes from a bottom layer of warm, moist air.
Both scales show the relationship between a tornado's wind speed and how much damage it causes to structures.
The tornado's path missed the RDA dome by a quarter of a mile.
IN OPEN COUNTRY, move away from the tornado's path at right angles.
But constructing so-called safe rooms, which can be built to withstand a tornado's force even if the rest of the house blows away, can cost homeowners from $3,000 to $5,000, Castaldi said.
Chasers try to put special equipment right in the tornado's path, so they can study its speed and temperature.
Using a scale developed by the late University of Chicago researcher Tetsuya Theodore Fujita, scientists rank a tornado's intensity and estimate its wind speed based on observed damage.
When a twister struck Huntsville, Alabama, USA, in 1989, killing 29 people, many survivors reported feeling earth tremors some time before the tornado's impact.
This report summarizes an investigation of injuries and deaths that resulted from the tornado's impact.
This property package combined with Tornado's existing properties creates a total of 15 properties comprised of about 44,840 acres all located in the North Central Nevada area.