Torpedo station

1.A headquarters for torpedo vessels and their supplies, usually having facilities for repairs and for instruction and experiments. The principal torpedo station of the United States is at Newport, R.I.
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He played his flashes down the Mare Island shore, blowing up five torpedo boats, the torpedo station, and the great magazine at the eastern end of the island.
Forts, mines, coast defences of all sorts, torpedo stations, magazines-- everything went up.
Right there off the Torpedo Station is where we fish, in fifty feet of water an' the tide runnin' to beat the band.
In order to flesh out this foundation, she explores the late-nineteenth- and early-twentieth-century intertwining of (1) the Bliss Company and the navy's Torpedo Station in the United States and (2) the Whitehead Company and the government-owned Royal Gun Factory (later known as the Royal Naval Torpedo Factory) in Great Britain.
Navy torpedo station on Goat Island, these facilities [at NUWC] are at the cutting edge of that research.
As the authors note, research and development at the USN's Newport Torpedo Station led to a steady stream of improvements: gyroscopic steering, magnetic influence exploders, and "wet" heater turbines all greatly improved range, accuracy, and lethality.
Part of this acreage includes the well-known "Ward Hill," operated today as "Ski Ward." He served honorably in the United States Navy during World War II at the Naval Torpedo Station in Newport, Rhode Island.
From the spar torpedo that sank Confederate ironclad CSS Albemarle in October 1864, the founding of the Navy Torpedo Station, Newport, Rhode Island, in 1869, to the DD(X) and "Arsenal Ship" concepts of the twenty-first century, this book serves as a detailed and evenly balanced technical reference.
Mississippi (BB-41) (1925-1927); commanded the Torpedo Station at Newport, Rhode Island (1927-1929); promoted rear admiral (September 1929); commanded the submarines of the Atlantic and Pacific fleets (1929-1931); served as superintendent of the Naval Academy (May 1931-June 1934); commanded a cruiser division (1934-1936); served on the General Board (1936-1939); as admiral and commander of the Asiatic Fleet (June 1939), he took measures to maintain U.S.
Frederick George Keyes as the commandant, Pacific Torpedo Station.
Naval Torpedo Station in Newport for eighteen years.