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Noun1.Torquato Tasso - Italian poet who wrote an epic poem about the capture of Jerusalem during the First Crusade (1544-1595)Torquato Tasso - Italian poet who wrote an epic poem about the capture of Jerusalem during the First Crusade (1544-1595)
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Note su Bernardino Baldi e Torquato Tasso che evidenzia una relazione fra il dialogo Della dignita di Tasso e l'omonimo testo di Baldi, soffermandosi anche sul rapporto fra questo testo e L'Arciero overo della felicita del Principe dello stesso Baldi.
The narrator of Torquato Tasso's Gerusalemme liberata (1581) explicitly allows for romance elements in the epic poem, comparing digressions and marvels to honey on the brim of a cup of medicine: a spoonful of romance delight helps the epic moral message go down.
Opera lovers have good reason to salute the 16th-century poet Torquato Tasso, even if, by easy chance, they can't place his name or that of his magnum opus, Gerusalemme liberata, that sprawling, sensual epic of the First Crusade: he, and it, inspired a plethora of major works by generations of A-list composers--Monteverdi, Lully, Handel, Gluck, Rossini, Dvorak.
After all, according to epic theorist Torquato Tasso, the epic poem should evoke wonder and astonishment, a formula that epitomizes the characteristics of the sublime identified by Longinus.
Torquato Tasso e Silvio Antoniano: un dialogo impossibile
Unfamiliar names are introduced along with reflections of figures known for their achievements in fields distant from economics, such as Galileo Galilei for his theory of price, Leon Battista Alberti's writing about profit, or the poet Torquato Tasso's discussion of value.
So my mother christens them, Pepin the Short and Torquato Tasso. And I look for the torn scrap of paper where I wrote the name my mother gave my knee when I tore it up too--Rodilliquilla Maria de los Angeles Barragan Ortega Camargo y Ortiz Zuleta.
Formerly a mansion, and decorated with sumptuous antique furniture, it boasts an impressive list of literary visitors, including Milton, Ibsen and Last Of The Mohicans author James Fenimore Cooper, and the West Wing was the birthplace of Italian poet Torquato Tasso.
Of course, as Schneider notes, there are also scores of studies on the genre's most famous masterpieces, Torquato Tasso's Aminta and Battista Guarini's Pastor Fido.