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torque 1

1. The measure of a force's tendency to produce torsion or rotation about an axis, equal to the product of the force vector and the radius vector from the axis of rotation to the point of application of the force; the moment of a force.
2. A turning or twisting force.
tr.v. torqued, torqu·ing, torques
To impart torque to.

[From Latin torquēre, to twist; see terkw- in Indo-European roots.]

torqu′er n.
torque′y adj.

torque 2

or torc  (tôrk)
A collar, a necklace, or an armband made of a strip of twisted metal, worn by the ancient Celts and Germans.

[French, from Old French, from Latin torquēs, from torquēre, to twist; see terkw- in Indo-European roots.]


1. (Archaeology) Also: torc a necklace or armband made of twisted metal, worn esp by the ancient Britons and Gauls
2. (General Physics) any force or system of forces that causes or tends to cause rotation
3. (Mechanical Engineering) the ability of a shaft to cause rotation
[C19: from Latin torquēs necklace, and torquēre to twist]



n., v. torqued, torqu•ing. n.
1. something that produces or tends to produce torsion or rotation.
2. the measured ability of a rotating element, as of a gear or shaft, to overcome turning resistance.
3. the rotational effect on plane-polarized light passing through certain liquids or crystals.
v.i., v.t.
4. to rotate or cause to rotate or twist.
[1880–85; < Latin torquēre to twist]


a collar, necklace, or similar ornament consisting of a twisted narrow band, usu. of precious metal, worn esp. by the ancient Gauls and Britons.
[1825–35; < French < Latin torques]


The tendency of a force applied to an object to make it rotate about an axis. Torque is equal to the amount of the force acting on the object multiplied by the distance from its point of application to the axis around which the object rotates (or would rotate if it were not fixed in place).


 of mechanics—Lipton, 1970.
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Noun1.torque - a twisting forcetorque - a twisting force      
force - (physics) the influence that produces a change in a physical quantity; "force equals mass times acceleration"
magnetic moment, moment of a magnet - the torque exerted on a magnet or dipole when it is placed in a magnetic field
točivý moment
vrtilni moment


A. N
1. (also torc) (= jewellery) → torques f inv
2. (Mech) → par m de torsión
B. CPD torque wrench Nllave f dinamométrica


[ˈtɔːrk] ncouple m


n (Mech) → Drehmoment nt


[tɔːk] n (Phys) → coppia di torsione


n., Fr. torque, fuerza rotatoria.
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