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n.1.The act or process of torrefying, or the state of being torrefied.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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No entanto, Gerardin (2016) afirmou que o nome Retification dado ao processo e derivado da contracao das palavras francesas reticulation e torrefaction, ou seja, trata-se de um nome fantasia criado para uma patente e que nao possui equivalente em outras linguas.
Both torrefaction and pyrolysis of biomass are examples of high-temperature processing, which can produce a range of gaseous VOCs together with chars and oils (Morgan and Kandiyoti 2014).
Topics of the 52 papers include the energy efficiency of air conditioners in Thailand, air handling units for residential buildings, torrefaction pretreatment of biomass, and calcium extraction from Estonian industrial waste.
Nordin, "NIR provides excellent predictions of properties of biocoal from torrefaction and pyrolysis of biomass," Green Chemistry, vol.
If the oxygen content can be reduced by using torrefaction of biomass [25,31] and catalytic cracking and hydrotreating [32, 33] of bio-oils, the energy density of the biomass and bio-oils can be improved and in turn will also reduce the RQ factor of the fuels.
NMR was also performed on the STP mixture before torrefaction. This spectrum indicated greater contributions from the cellulosic components at 60-105ppm, but much weaker contributions from aromatic carbon at 130-150ppm.
Coffee shop La Colombe Torrefaction has opened at 270 Lafayette Street, near Prince Street.
Washington, March 12 (ANI): A scientific team from the North Carolina State University is working to turn woodchips into a substitute for coal by using a process called torrefaction that is greener, cleaner and more efficient than traditional coal burning.