Torrens system

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Tor´rens sys`tem

1.A system of registration of titles to land (as distinct from registration of deeds) introduced into South Australia by the Real Property (or Torrens) Act (act 15 of 1857-58), drafted by Sir Robert Torrens (1814-84). Its essential feature is the guaranty by the government of properly registered titles. The system has been generally adopted in Australia and British Columbia, and in its original or a modified form in some other countries, including some States of the United States. Hence Torrens title, etc.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Ordinance 89-2018 also rationalizes the special nature of lands in Baguio City, where majority of its constituents were not given the opportunity to have the lands they have occupied to be titled under the present Torrens system. They have always been threatened of being declared as illegal settlers, thus, violating the National Building Code of the Philippines.
A review and overhaul the way the Torrens System is maintained and protected in the country was also recommended by the committee.
The Moro aspirations means allowing them to exercise their governance system in their historically-claimed territory, and restore to them the lands that were denied of them through the unitary instrument of Torrens System and the Regalian Doctrine.
"We questioned LLDA's jurisdiction because our leased property is titled under the Torrens System, which the LLDA cannot collaterally attack by simply claiming that it is part of the shore land and forcibly ousting us," IPM said.
'IPM questioned the LLDA's jurisdiction because IPM's leased property is titled under the Torrens System, which the LLDA cannot collaterally attack by simply claiming that it is part of the shoreland and forcibly ousting IPM thereto.
There are two different systems in Ontario: an older deed registry system, and a newer land titles system that is similar to the Torrens system. (12) Both New Brunswick and Nova Scotia have recently introduced land titles systems to replace their deed registry systems.
An important role was taken by the Hamburg lawyer Ulrich Hubbe, who arrived in Adelaide in 1841 and took a leading part in the development of the Torrens system of land registration.
In order to do so gaps in the Act are identified by means of comparison with New South Wales ('NSW') laws as to the extent of protection of the NSW Torrens system of titling.
The Law of the Land: The Advent of the Torrens System in Canada.
(24) First implemented in the Real Property Act 1858 (SA), the Torrens system guaranteed title on registration of a transfer with the Land Titles office, required separate issue by the Titles office of certificates of title, transformed the mortgage into a charge instead of a conveyance, and used standard forms for different kinds of dealings in the land.
First, the Torrens system is intended to prevent adverse claims on the basis of prior title and no more.