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a.1.Of or pertaining to Torricelli, an Italian philosopher and mathematician, who, in 1643, discovered that the rise of a liquid in a tube, as in the barometer, is due to atmospheric pressure. See Barometer.
Torricellian tube
a glass tube thirty or more inches in length, open at the lower end and hermetically sealed at the upper, such as is used in the barometer.
Torricellian vacuum
(Physics) a vacuum produced by filling with a fluid, as mercury, a tube hermetically closed at one end, and, after immersing the other end in a vessel of the same fluid, allowing the inclosed fluid to descend till it is counterbalanced by the pressure of the atmosphere, as in the barometer.
- Hutton.
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[13.] Dalton, J., "Experimental essays on the constitution of mixed gases; on the force of steam or vapor from water and other liquids in different temperatures, both in a Torricellian vacuum and in air; on evaporation and on the expansion of gases by heat," Memoirs and Proceedings of the Manchester Literary and Philosophical Society, 1802, 5, 535-602.
In which common measuring instrument is a Torricellian vacuum to be found?
Or a logical result of years of social turmoil, lies and double standards that have created a vacuum in people's souls - a Torricellian spiritual emptiness, which spirits alone can fill?"
Boyle thus made an experimental statement about the relation between the so-called Torricellian vacuum in the barometer and the Boylean vacuum in the exhausted receiver of the airpump.
It was the first one ever artificially created-a Torricellian vacuum.