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adv.1.(Law) In a tortous manner.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The two allegedly "conspired, colluded and collaborated to tortiously interfere with the business and contractual relations between MPT and Royal Farms" with the goal of transferring Royal Farms' car wash contracts to CWS, according to the complaint, filedSunday in Frederick County Circuit Court.
58-60 (describing lower court's interpretation that these agreements were mere waivers by the players not to sue either company, Haelan's appeal reasserting that Topps tortiously interfered with its exclusive contracts, and the court's opinion agreeing with Haelan but seeming to recognize, in dicta, an exclusive, assignable right standing behind the contract).
Towle contends that the circuit court erred in finding that the defendants did not breach Towle's contract when he was placed on an administrative leave, that Towle's constitutional property and liberty interests were not violated, that the defendants did not violate a duty of good faith and fair dealing, and that the defendants did not tortiously interfere with Towle's contract or prospective contracts.
The Court of Appeals held that the District Court did not err by concluding that appellant was an at-will employee who had no reasonable expectation of lifetime employment, did not err in concluding that there were conditions precedent to LLC's payment of a bonus to appellant, and did not err by determining that the individual respondents did not breach their fiduciary duty to appellant or tortiously interfere with his employment.
to repair the depreciated and tortiously damaged property.
An allegation that a website that is accessible by a national audience published false or misleading statements is not enough to conclude the website owner acted tortiously in Missouri, Russell wrote.
(the Anderson defendants) were aware of this contract; (3) the Anderson defendants objected to the disbursement of the fee provided for in plaintiff's contract with John Doe 10, which was being held in trust; (4) the Anderson defendants asserted an interest in the fee despite the fact that they were not parties to the contract between plaintiff and John Doe 10, thereby causing plaintiff damages; and (5) the Anderson defendants lacked justification for placing a lien on the fee, plaintiff has adequately stated a claim against the Anderson defendants for tortiously interfering with plaintiff's contract with John Doe 10.
Finally, the jury concluded that the employment action against the plaintiff son-in-law was in retaliation for the children's wage complaint and that the defendant tortiously interfered with his employment.
several liability, each defendant who tortiously contributed to an
(17) Rather, as Simons puts it, plaintiffs owe 'a conditional legal duty to act with reasonable care, if [they seek] to obtain full compensatory damages for injuries that another has tortiously caused'.
company, engaged in unfair competition, and tortiously interfered with
1998) (holding that parent can maintain action against defendant who tortiously interferes with relationship between parent and minor child).