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adv.1.(Law) In a tortous manner.
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several liability, each defendant who tortiously contributed to an
company, engaged in unfair competition, and tortiously interfered with
1998) (holding that parent can maintain action against defendant who tortiously interferes with relationship between parent and minor child).
In Turner v Canada, (150) the Federal Court of Appeal struck a claim; its essence was that Parliament was tortiously misled to enact "[a] retroactive amendment and that the respondent was denied a fair hearing by surreptitious procedures adopted by Parliament.
Recognize, Hensler's study did not parse the claiming behavior of those with "soft" versus "hard" injuries; nor did it distinguish between those who were tortiously versus nontortiously injured.
180) For example, assume a third party tortiously harms a firm, reducing the firm's net worth from $ 100 million to $ 10 million.
The main subject of debate--whether the driver was tortiously negligent--would be an affirmative defense that the defendant must establish.
A useful example comes from the problem of assigning liability to medical practitioners after an operation that tortiously injures the patient.
That Restatement eliminates the references to agents who intentionally manipulate their principals into acting tortiously, and instead, merely repeats the basic rule that an agent's knowledge is imputed to the principal, but that knowledge alone will not result in liability for torts that require intentional conduct See, e.
369) Some such claims, for example, arise out of another tortious injury: A plaintiff might be tortiously injured in a car wreck and then negligently treated once in the hospital.
Whether or not that is right, if the concept of risk is to be invoked, it must be recalled that, involuntary creditors aside (the prime example being those tortiously wronged by the company), a person's status as creditor is established by contract.