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An island of the West Indies east of Puerto Rico. It is the largest of the British Virgin Islands.


(Placename) an island in the NE Caribbean, in the Leeward Islands group: chief island of the British Virgin Islands. Pop: 23 900 (latest est). Area: 62 sq km (24 sq miles)


(tɔrˈtoʊ lə)

the principal island of the British Virgin Islands, in the NE West Indies. 9730; 21 sq. mi. (54 sq. km).
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Lucia, Tortola, BVI, the Grenadines, and Boquete, Panama.
lucayanum at 7 sites on 4 West Indies islands: Tortola, BVI (2 sites: Great Mountain, by Ridge Road, 18.
com on July 28 announced its "World's Sexiest Beaches" rating "15 of the steamiest stretches of sand," and Tortola, BVI, made the list for the Caribbean.